Be Your Authentic Self at Work
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3rd November

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“35% of LGBTQ+ staff don’t disclose their LGBTQ+ status at work for fear of discrimination.” (LGBT in Britain - Work Report 2018)

It’s not uncommon for people to present a different version of themselves in the workplace. But fitting in should NEVER have to mean hiding your identity. In fact, embracing your true authentic self will only help you thrive in your career.

This is YOUR opportunity to connect with employers who celebrate individuality, and discover how much you can achieve whilst remaining true to who you are. 

You’ll get to ask them any questions you might have, hear about their personal experiences, and discover exactly how they support the LGBTQ+ community.

Topics may include…

  • How each employer promotes LGBTQ+ equality in the workplace
  • Expert advice on bringing your authentic self to work
  • What makes a good LGBTQ+ ally?
  • Inspirational LGBTQ+ figures from each company 
  • Panel discussion featuring current grads and interns

Limited spaces are available. (So sign up NOW!) 

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Headline Supporter